Mobile Accessories

Keypad Microphone

The Keypad Microphone allows for more complicated call and send options directly from the mic rather than having to edit setting from the fixed mobile unit. Navigation between call groups and channels is simple as well as crystal clear audio.

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

The Bluetooth wireless microphone allows mobile and convenient communications. Available with desk and vehicle mounted charging cradles, this  allows on the go charging to ensure the mic can be used throughout a work shift. with a 100 meter line of sight range on the mic from the radio unit it allows users the flexibility to leave their radio unit and still be in complete communication.

Desktop Microphone

The Desktop Microphone is ideal for fixed mobile units. allowing easy of calling, sending and receiving for the operator without having to move around or hold a fist mic up to communicate. With a high quality desk microphone, messages can be sent and recieved clearly even in a noisy office environment.