Atex Radios and Accessories

DP4000 EX

The Motorola DP4401ex / DP4801ex Atex radios provide quality communication with comprehensive user safety and class leading Atex specifications allowing use when in environments containing potentially explosive gas and dust.

The DP4401ex is easy to use and features up to 32 channel capacity, three programmable buttons, emergency button, mandown and lone worker functions and IP67 specifications for submersibility. The DP4801ex has all of these features as well as full-colour display with day and night operation modes, text messaging and intergrated GPS.

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The Hytera PD715ex and PD795ex series Atex radio provides a quality solution to areas where environmental hazards such as combustible dusts or explosive gas are present.

These intrinsically safe portable units also feature high-capacity and IS safe Li-Ion batteries, high quality audio and on the PD795ex comes with a full LCD display as standard.

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The industrial grade DTEx DMR Digital Series is the latest addition to Entel’s range of Intrinsically Safe radios. The rugged DTEx delivers exceptionally loud audio coupled with outstanding audio clarity and the ergonomic controls are specifically designed for gloved hand use.

With a market-leading IP68 rating, the fully submersible, MIL-STD-810 DTEx can be depended on to withstand the most extreme and hostile of environments.

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Motorola Atex RSM

The Motorola Atex rsm allows for clear communications without needing to remove the radio from a belt clip or case. This rsm is fully Atex certified and ready for harshest environments as well as being operable by gloved users due to its robust ptt design.

Motorola Impres Atex RSM

The Motorola Impres Atex RSM provides active noise cancelling capabilities, large front and side ptt buttons, volume toggle control, prgrammable buttons, dedicated orange emergency button and 3.5mm earpiece connector. House within a IP67 waterproof housing. It also has an integrated Nexus socket for use with 3rd party headset solutions.

Peltor Atex headset

3M Peltor provide high quality noise cancelling headsets for Motorola Atex radios. These range from passive hearing protection to complete active audio and wireless communications. Most headsets are compatible with various attachment options so they can be deployed from helmet adapters or in conjunction with other protective equipment.



Motorola Atex Leather case

The Motorola range of Atex cases give the extra protection and security that some applications require, with a multitude of rear attachment options these cases can integrated into most mounting platforms without hampering the accessibility and functionality of the radio.

Hytera Atex Rsm

The Hytera Atex Rsm is a perfect addition to any fleet of Hytera Atex radios. With its rugged design and ergonomic Ptt this rsm allows for clear and accurate communications in any situation.