Digital Motorola


The Motorola DM1400 keeps vehicles in touch providing distraction free communications from the delivery driver to the bus dispatcher. designed to work in both analogue and digital modes this radio is future proof and capable of the latest features in the MOTOTRBO range such as superior audio quality and greater coverage.

It is also existing system friendly, able to integrate into an analogue fleet until needed to be upgraded to a fully digital solution which can be implemented in the radios by a simple software upgrade.

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The Motorola DM4400 mobile series provides the bench mark for vehicle and fixed mobile units. This versatile and powerful digital radio provides increased capacity, audio quality and integrated data applications. It is also available with integrated GPS, Bluetooth audio and data (DM4401).


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The Motorola DM4600 is the pinnacle in mobile radio technology giving the user access to all the features available on the DM4000 series as well providing crystal clear display from the integrated 4-line full colour display.

The display features day and night mode operation, making work orders, text messages and notifications easier to read and action.

As part of the MOTOTRBO digital range the DM4600 provides intelligent audio that provides the best clarity and quality to ensure clear and constant communication.

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